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At Home First, we put the customer above everything else, so you get the best.

Home First, Office later!

Did that headline make sense to you? No right… Because it was supposed to make you read the next 500 words.
Most of you reading this, probably spend more hours at the office desk than anywhere else. Well, research says, one-third of your life is spent at work and am sure for Indians that number is even higher. So, it’s a no brainer that healthy workspace = more productive employees! 

Lemme take you to one of your childhood memories. One where you had to accompany your parents to a Post Office. Remember that rusty red letter box at the entrance, file racks covered with unending layers of dust and ceilings styled by low hanging cobwebs. Grim-faced people working there, mindlessly stamping heaps of paperwork. Gone are those days with big brown desks, boxy cabins, and flickering tube lights… New, open-office designs are gaining popularity. Collaboration at work is taking center stage than private thinking. Instead of hiding in the cubicles, people are getting used to open doors. Millennials are looking for cozy offices, funky interiors, where they can get some good coffee, put their feet up and work. 
So, what do you do when 90% of your workforce is in their twenties? You build world-class offices which are both fun and functional. Inspiring workspaces, inspire people! They are less likely to skip a day and stay at home. They are more focused at work and believe they are here for a reason. They don’t think twice to go that extra mile. Our latest HQ takes a leap forward. After the biker cafe, we have come up with an office which looks like a Kerala home. When we took the new space, Kerala was suffering from the worst floods, so we thought we would do a small tribute to the “Gods own country”! Drop by, as soon as you walk through that door, you will surely feel at home.
 “What’s in a name?” – Shakespeare said. We thought it’s all in the name! It’s “HomeFirst” and office later! 

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