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Weekend “Mission” to re-look our “Vision”!

We are a 7-year-old company and we just decided to have a blog section on our website… You think we are late. I know we are. Yet as they say better late than never! To tell you the truth we were just procrastinating and were not too sure from where to start. But last weekend we had a very interesting workshop. 40 of us huddled together with one objective – “Let’s not ruin the weekend”.

On a serious note, we wanted to re-look at the Vision & Mission statement of our Company and find out whether it has stood the test of time. After all, from the day, we started Home First, until the day we reached our 10,000th customer, the times – they have been changing…. When millions of cash-loving Indians were busy having charchas over chai, a ‘demon’ crept up on them. Our countrymen and women were just recovering from demonetization when they were subjected to something good but not very simple…!

Anyway, enough with the rants. All we wanted to do was take some time out and reflect on our past and figure out a way to a better future. As a company, we could boast of the “glads” that were boldly written on the flip-charts. In the maze of Home Finance, we had pioneered a simple process and one point of contact for all our customers. This gave us the ability to be flexible and approve loans at a lightning speed. In today’s world, “Trust” is something that’s super short in supply. (If you believe otherwise, try online dating)! But we felt happy that we had earned the trust of more than 10,000 customers.

There were, of course, a few “sads” were worth pondering over and the “mads” … ohh my, ohh my … they should have been taken care of yesterday! But that’s how life works. It takes a bit of time and a whole lot of coffee to understand what went right and what could have gone better.

So, as the projector screen flickered – we scratched our heads, pulled at our thinning hair. Had some more than animated debates (let’s just say, we had to try very hard, not to get thrown us out from the conference hall).We shuffled through “Value-Cards” to question our own belief system and see if we practice what we preach. But what came out from all these commotions was beautiful! The values that have been our guiding star, have become more of a cornerstone now. We realized we swear by the same values but in a new Avatar. “Unconventional, Swift and Transparent”. Yes, after 2 days of agonizing debates we realized this was our DNA.

We HFFCians are proud to present our new Vision & Mission statements…

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