Supplier and Vendor Code of Conduct - Home First Finance Company

HomeFirst Supplier and Vendor Code of Conduct




Home First Finance company (“Home First”) is committed to be environmentally socially responsible company. Pursuant to this ideology, it encourages its suppliers and vendors to exhibit similar commitment towards Home First’s core values.

Supplier and Vendor is defined as the third-party vendor, distributor, channel partner and/or any key alliance partner. This does not include the connectors from whom Home First sources its leads.

This Supplier and Vendor Code of Conduct (“the Code”) summarises Home First’s principles for sourcing as well as collaborating on its services, functions, data, technology or any activity with its Suppliers and Vendors. This code of conduct also defines the expectations from the Suppliers and Vendors, including labour and other regulatory compliance principles, and HomeFirst expects the Suppliers and Vendors to uphold these principles.

Given the trust, commitment, and mutual dependence underlying Supplier and Vendor relationships, Home First expects its Suppliers and Vendors to live up to both the letter and the spirit of this Code. Home First requests that all Suppliers and Vendors agree to comply with the principles and standards of the Code.


This Code must be read in conjunction with applicable law, regulation and relevant contractual arrangements. Suppliers and Vendors must comply with all applicable laws, regulations, and industry standards where each such Supplier and Vendor is located and conducts business. Suppliers and Vendors have a duty to protect and safeguard confidential and personal information (in accordance with applicable privacy, data protection and data export/import laws, regulations, and industry standards) and to take precautions before sharing with anyone.


The supplier shall strive to be environmentally responsible in accordance with the prevailing market standard in its operations and providing its services to Home First


Home First is committed to providing a fair and ethical workplace that recognizes diversity, equity and inclusion. Home First expects its Suppliers and Vendors to act similarly, in accordance with the below principles:

  • All employment must be freely chosen at Suppliers and Vendors place of work. Home First will not tolerate the use of involuntary, trafficked or forced labor.
  • No child Labour: All employees must be of a specified age respecting all local laws at all times at Suppliers and Vendors place of work. Suppliers and Vendors must comply with age employment standards. Child labour must not be used.
  • Compliance with wage laws including working hours and salaries: Home First requires the Suppliers and Vendors to provide a living wage to its employees – a wage which enables employees to enjoy acceptable living conditions. 
  • Humane treatment of the Employees: Suppliers and Vendors must provide and maintain a safe work environment and integrate reliable physical and mental health and safety policies for conducting its business. Suppliers and Vendors’ premises and facilities must comply with relevant legal and regulatory requirements. Any unfair disciplinary practices or corporal punishment by any of its Suppliers and Vendors will not be tolerated by the Company. In addition, Suppliers and Vendors must not retaliate against employees or staff who report abuse, discrimination, ethical concerns or violations of law, and should have a mechanism for employees or staff to safely report any such issues.
  • Anti-discrimination at workplace: Suppliers and Vendors should strive to ensure that equal employment opportunity exists for all persons, without discrimination or harassment and in strict accordance with applicable laws and regulations.
  • Health and Safety: Safe and Hygienic working conditions to be provided by the Suppliers and Vendors to its employees. Suppliers and Vendors must comply with all relevant health and safety laws and regulations, both in letter and in spirit, in all the regions in which they operate. Home First expects the Suppliers and Vendors to provide all their employees with adequate information and instruction on health and safety matters and to enable their employees to meet their responsibilities for the maintenance of a safe and healthy workplace.


Suppliers and Vendors must comply with the anti-bribery, anti-corruption and money laundering laws applicable in India as may be in force from time to time. Suppliers and Vendors or its representatives/employees shall not offer/receive or authorize any payment, gift, promise or other advantage, whether directly or through any other person or entity, to or for the use or benefit of any government official or any entity or other person where such payment, gift, promise or other advantage would violate the Applicable Laws.


In an effort to prevent or manage potential conflicts of interest, Home First also expects its Suppliers and Vendors to recognize and avoid (on a continuous basis) situations that can create an actual or potential conflict of interest when working with or on behalf of Home First or customers of Home First. Suppliers and Vendors must disclose any actual conflict of interest, or any activity, interest, or relationship that could give rise to a conflict of interest, or the appearance of a conflict of interest. Home First may require that Suppliers and Vendors take steps to manage a potential conflict of interest.


This Code is not and should not be interpreted to circumvent or undermine laws, rules, or regulations. This Code establishes minimum standards, which Home First expects Suppliers and Vendors to meet or exceed. Home First will not accept any attempt to use this Code’s requirements to lower existing or future standards that apply to Home First or that we have implemented. Each Supplier and Vendor shall notify Home First as soon as reasonably possible if it becomes aware that action connected with the Supplier’s and Vendor’s performance of services could reasonably be considered to impact Home First’s business and/or reputation. Home First shall review its arrangement with the Supplier in case of failure to adhere to these guidelines.