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Say ‘hi’ to NAOL

Say hi to NAOL

Our late night flight back to Mumbai did a harsh landing after a usual delay of 20 odd minutes. Courtesy air traffic and monsoons! The two of us from the Marketing team were dog tired from the week-long travelling. We had set out last week and covered 5 cities across India, for a in-depth market research, interacting with the “aam janta”. Trying to figure out the issues faced by them while buying a home.

Buying a home can be one of the most memorable moments in one’s life. Most of us, from a middle-class background, have to depend on home finance to buy a home. However, home loans do come with its own set of complexities. It is a daunting task! Some nagging questions which keep haunting us – “Am I eligible for a home loan?”, “If yes, how much amount can I get”, “When will I get it?”, “What if I don’t have enough paperwork?”, “What would my EMI be?”, “Will the loan officer approve my loan without unnecessary hassles?”

Result? Taking a Loan = Anxiety! More often than not “Home Loan lena” becomes a “Horror Story”! 

So, here we are, introducing “NAOL”

“NAOL” stands for No Anxiety On Loans.

If you have ever heard about Home First Finance Company (HomeFirst) before or have browsed our website, chances are you would have seen a friendly young lad helping out someone or the other. Dressed in his blue cargo pants and smartly tucked in shirt with a red bow tie is our clutter breaking mascot – “NAOL” – your home loan guide!

From the time we entered the housing finance industry, we have observed that most people associate ‘home loans’ with terms like a burden, time-consuming, lot of paperwork & a whole lot of tension and over the years that have not changed!

So, we were trying to do something which would make this entire home buying process simpler and enjoyable. We wanted to be seen as a young company which prioritizes customers over their documents, understands their needs, empathizes with them & then tries to provide a customized yet fast solution.

After numerous brainstorming sessions, debates & discussions, we decided that a friendly, helpful character was our best bet. And that’s how the journey of NAOL began!

We wanted our communication strategy to be friendly and grounded. An endearing character who is cute, non-intimidating, approachable and inspires trust. His attire reflects his expertise as a guide in the complicated world of home loans!

NAOL taking shape in home loans industry

Just like a guide, NAOL is fully equipped with all the necessary ammo that ensures a smooth and hassle-free home buying journey for each customer. For instance, his binoculars help him see things clearly, even from a distance! This enables him to wipe out any confusion that customers may have regarding their home loans. Besides, he can also spot any possible obstacles from afar and find solutions to overcome them. His satchel is fully loaded with tools like auto-prepay, build-up downpayment, grupee etc. that not only ensure that the customers enjoy a worry-free loan process but also have flexible repayment options on their home loans!

NAOL is the face of Home First Finance Comapany. NAOL, as you may have guessed, is the word ‘LOAN’ spelt backwards. That’s what Brand #HomeFirst is all about: Doing things differently. Finding new ways to help a credit-worthy customer get a home loan.  Friendly, approachable and ever ready to help, NAOL gives us a unique identity. He helps us build a brand which is trusted by parents and loved by the kids! NAOL has all the answers. He understands the concerns of his customers. Just like every one of us. Each Homefirst is a reflection of NAOL, when it comes to delivering best in class home loan experience to our customers.

We are proud to have NAOL around! An illustrated character as a face of a Home Finance Company… Umm! A lot of people would wonder if it will dilute the brand proposition but we feel he is the ace up our sleeve. In a category where everyone is jostling for attention, he gets us noticed. He is also a great icebreaker and helps us strike up a conversation! Isn’t that’s what we were hoping for?

These days he is busy ending Home Loan ka Horror stories!

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