HFFC Most Important Terms and Conditions (MITC) | HFFC


Housing Loan
Agreed to between 
Name of Borrower:
Name of the Co-Borrower:
Loan Account No. (LAN):
And Home First Finance Company India Limited (HFFC)
are mentioned below:
To be filled & Explained by HFFC Loan Officer at
Loan Agreement Signing
1. Loan Amount
2. Interest Rate
a) Type
b) HFFC-PLR on Sanction Date
c) Interest Chargeable
d) Moratorium/Subsidy
e) Date of reset of interest
f) Mode of communication of change in Interest Rates
g) Risk Rating
3. Installment Type
4. Loan Tenure
5. Repayment Details
a) Number of EMIs
b) EMI Amount
c) Due date of Pre-EMI/EMI
d) Repayment Mode
6. Purpose of Loan
7. Fees and Charges

  1. On application – Processing Fees
  2. During the term of the loan
    • CERSAI Charges
    • MOE Charges (Charges for stamp duty and registration of Memorandum of Equitable
    • Loan Enhancement Charges
    • Margin Money Deferment Charges
  3. (a) foreclosure charges on Home/Commercial/Topup/Plot loans
    (b) foreclosure charges on LAP loans
  4. Fees Refundable if loan not sanctioned /disbursed
  5. Conversion Charges
  6. Penalty for delayed payments
    • Pre-EMI/EMI bounce charges
    • Default Penalty
    • Additional Interest
8. Security/Collateral for the Loan
a) Property Details mortgaged to HFFC
b) Guarantor Details
c) Other securities if any