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Schedule of Charges



Schedule of Charges
Charges Type Charges Description
Part-Prepayment /Foreclosure Charges on loan
Foreclosure charges on Home/Commercial/Topup/Plot loans NIL (No charges for partial or full pre-payments)
Foreclosure charges on LAP loans NIL
Cheque/ECS/ACH Bounce Charges (Per Instrument/Transaction) Cheque return charge of INR 500/- + GST as applicable per instrument is payable in case of a dishonored cheque
or ECS or ACH
Penalty for delayed payments
Pre-EMI/EMI bounce charges Rs.500 + GST @ 18% per bounce
Default Penalty 2% p.a compounded monthly
Additional Interest Prevailing fixed/floating rate on loan
Customer Service Charges
Documents Retrieval Charges NIL
SOA Rs 100 Per Request (No charges for First Request)

Interest Rate Structure
Product Floating
Minimum Maximum
Home Loan 8.00% 17.50%
LAP 12.80% 18.50%
Commercial Loan 13.00% 18.50%
Home Loan – Top Up *Interest rate is subject to your existing home loan

HFFC PLR: 16.75%

WEF: 01st June 2023

Fees and charges applicable on various services are as follows (updated as on 01st June 2023)
Name of the HFC: Home First Finance Company India Limited

Fee & charges for Home Loans, LAP, Shop Loan, and Other (Excluding Top-Up)

Price Grid Login Fees Project Appraisal Charges Total Project Appraisal Charges
HL/Others LAP/Shop LAP/Shop LAP/Shop
Upto Rs. 10 L Rs.2500 + GST Rs.10000 + GST Rs.22500 + GST Rs.12500 + GST Rs.25000 + GST
Rs. 10 L – 20 L Rs.2500 + GST Rs.21500 + GST Rs.27500 + GST Rs.24000 + GST Rs.30000 + GST
Rs. 20 L+ Rs.2500 + GST Rs.25500 + GST Rs.37500 + GST Rs.28000 + GST Rs.40000 + GST
**The above fees and charges are not applicable to Top-Ups
Fees & Charges for Top Ups only:
Price Grid Total Project Appraisal Charges
Top Up
Upto Rs. 50 k Rs.3000 + GST
Rs. 50 k – 2.5 L Rs.5000 + GST
Rs. 2.5 L + Rs.10000 + GST