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Schedule of Charges


Schedule of Charges
Charges Type Charges Description
Part-Prepayment /Foreclosure Charges on loan
Foreclosure charges on Home/Commercial/Topup/Plot loans NIL (No charges for partial or full pre-payments)
Foreclosure charges on LAP loans 3% charge on part payment and full payment. (No part payment/full payment allowed with in first 6 months
Cheque/ECS/ACH Bounce Charges (Per Instrument/Transaction) Cheque return charge of INR 500/- + GST as applicable per instrument is payable in case of a dishonored cheque or ECS or ACH
Penalty for delayed payments
Pre-EMI/EMI bounce charges Rs.500 + GST @ 18% per bounce
Default Penalty 2% p.a compounded monthly
Additional Interest Prevailing fixed/floating rate on loan
Customer Service Charges
Documents Retrieval Charges NIL
SOA Rs 100 Per Request (No charges for First Request)