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Champak and His Search for Respect

Being the younger one of two siblings, I can assure you that the joy of actually buying and owning something is unparalleled. Growing up, like so many of us, I too was handed down some of my brother’s clothes, cycles, school bags, and whatnot. This has somehow raised my appreciation and respect for the concept of ownership to a whole new level. Any borrowed thing just keeps making me feel uneasy till the time when I return it. Possession on the other hand doesn’t just give me mental satisfaction, it also lends a feeling of pride, like a statement of self-worth. It feels as if people start looking at you differently, with a greater sense of respect.

Interacting with our customers and getting to know their struggles and their life story gives us a very good opportunity to understand what drives them. Their life experiences inspire us every day and have also served as inspiration for our latest marketing campaign, “Samman Ka Permanent Address”. For people everywhere having their own home is an achievement of a lifetime. Much more than the obvious benefits of owning your home like independence and security it symbolizes reaching a certain level of financial stability. People build a new house for themselves to upgrade their lifestyle and earn society’s respect.

Thinking along similar lines we realized that respect in India is denoted in a very subtle manner. Just a little nod in public or a monosyllable ‘Ji’ marks out a person as respectable in society. So, we used the word ‘Ji’ as the centerpiece of our campaign and the core message that owning their house is what makes a person respectable.

Our campaign with the tagline ‘Loh, lag gya Ji’ – is a humorous take on the same Samman (respect) that everyone looks for in a society, achieved with the feeling of buying one’s own house. The insight is supported by the hook line – ‘Samman Ka Permanent Address’ signifying Home First as the one place where every customer is treated with respect and considered individually despite whichever income segment or line of work they may come from. With a refreshing and humorous approach to address an untouched underlying problem, the ad shows the story of Champak as he seeks a home loan to gain respect in society. Launched across print, television, and digital, it presents a humorous take on home loan rejection in this segment. Champak’s quirky journey from dejection to delight keeps you interested for the entire 60s.

The advertisement was shot in Hindi and dubbed in Kannada, Gujarati, Marathi, Tamil, and Telugu and received very well in all markets. Quoting one of the comments made on the ad on YouTube, “Nice! and so true, we perceive someone who owns their own home vs living on rent or with parents so differently.”

We are glad that the message came through so well in all markets and proud to be able to help our customers achieve the true mark of respectability. Their stories continue to inspire us and it makes us proud to play a part in helping them achieve their ‘Samman ka permanent address’.

So, tell us what your ‘Samman ka permanent address’ story? 

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First of his name | Marketing Manager at HomeFirst | Writer & Reader of Scrolls | Coffee-holic | Football Fanatic

First of his name | Marketing Manager at HomeFirst | Writer & Reader of Scrolls | Coffee-holic | Football Fanatic