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Digizen #1 – Virendra Singh R Chauhan

Going Digital by Choice, Not by Force!

Meet our first Digizen, Mr. Virendra Singh R Chauhan who is a truck driver from Ahmadabad working in the transport industry for more than 16 years. A 5th-grade school-dropout,  the 39-year-old is married & a proud father of 3 children.

The fact that makes Virendra stand out from his fellow industry-men is the way he takes care of his day-to-day monetary transactions. He likes to keep most of his transactions online. Be it vendor payments, receiving payments from customers or simply re-fuelling his truck, 80% of his transactions are either online or via plastic money. Now that’s a rare sight!

According to Virendra, one of the most appealing advantages of going cashless is chori chakari ka darr nahi rehta saab! (Carrying cash on the endless highways through the length and breadth of the country increases the chances of being mugged. This way it’s much safer!)

As a Digizen, Virendra also enjoys other perks like discounts and surcharge benefits at fuel pumps, (0.75% discount on the digital purchase of fuel) & highway tolls (10% discount on NH toll payment).

He also mentioned,hisab rakhna bhi asan ho jata hai! Narrow margins compel him to save more. Digital transactions are easier to track and it has made life easier.

Let’s just say it was his smart choice to go digital rather than being forced upon! He also sounded quite composed and forward-looking while talking about demonetization and how smooth it has been for him to deal with the unexpected storm.

It has been a pleasure assisting Virendra with his housing loan requirements. We salute his spirit and he remains one of our inspiration to go digital!

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Brand & Marketing Guy at Home First.

Brand & Marketing Guy at Home First.