HomeFirst Digizen - Stories of the Progressive Indian - Part 2


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HomeFirst Digizen – Stories of the Progressive Indian – Part 2

The Perfect Recipe for Change!

This story is of  Mrs. Hinaben Shah, the Masterchef in her own rights, who made the best use of technology after demonetization & set on a journey that has inspired many to make India go cashless! Unusual as it may sound, Hinaben is the ‘Karta’ of her family. Our 2nd Digizen is an independent businesswoman who runs a home-cooked tiffin delivery business in Baroda since last 10 years.

Read her story here:

Flashback 2008:

Hinaben started humbly and somehow managed to cater to 25 odd customers a month. As time passed, her business won some loyal customers and before she knew she was delivering 2000 tiffins a month! Homestyle freshly cooked food and her charming smile became of the key ingredients of her success.


Fast-forward 2016:

Like most small family-run business, making transactions in CASH had become a way of life. A normal working day would involve Mr. Shah (her husband) visiting at least 2-3 customer’s place specifically for cash collection. Though Hinaben had a bank account to her name, accepting transactions online was still a farfetched idea! Little she knew, that things were about to drastically change!

As the Demonetization bell rang, Hinaben’s business started facing a lot of problems from procuring raw materials like groceries & vegetables to collecting cash from regulars!

Hinaben could have got into a pickle without cash in hand, but she added something new to her menu; she started, making & accepting payments online. Using Net-Banking and popular e-wallets her business became more customer friendly. Profits margins got better, as she could eliminate the cost of cash collection and her patrons’ quicky increased in numbers. Today, when asked about her preferred transaction mode, she smartly replied, “Ab toh koshish yahi rehti hai ki sab kuch online hi kiya karein, suvidha ki suvidha aur bachat ki bachat”

It has been over 2 years since Hinaben has been with us. It is a matter of pride for us to have helped Hinaben move into the home of her dreams!

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