Chandrashekhar Braves His Way To His Own Home Construction


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Chandrashekhar Braves His Way To His Own Home Construction

If you can’t be what you want
You learn to be the things you’re not
If you can’t get what you need
You learn to need the things that stop you dreaming
All the things that stop you dreaming
  – Things That Stop You Dreaming by Passenger

Like all middle-class families in India, this story too has a bit of “rented ghar ka drama”, a dash of “log kya kehenge”, and a lot of “don’t dream big”…

(You know it’s a great story when it starts with…)

So What’s The Story?

Once upon a time in Jabalpur, MP India, there lived a young man named Chandrashekhar. While he grew up, his surroundings taught him how to do more with less, and how to honestly earn a livelihood. So, Chandrashekar’s journey towards the pursuit of better opportunities, began when he moved to Nagpur with his family…

As you move out from the comforts of your hometown and try to settle in a bigger city, a thing called “rented apartment” happens to you! Every individual in his life has to go through it once and we all know how it goes. “Kabhi bhi koi rented makaan khaali karne bol sakta hai, mai apni family ko lekar kaha jau? Humara bhi ek sapna tha ki humara ghar ban jaye…”  (At any point someone would ask you to leave your rented house in that case where would I go with my family? We also had a dream of our own home)

Chandrasekhar’s frustration was brewing for quite a while now, it was time to build his own home. His plan was simple, he had finalized a plot and he was looking for a home construction loan to build on it. Being an operations manager by profession in a reputed manufacturing firm, he was pretty confident his plan will work out.

But, life’s not that simple, he did have all the necessary paper-work, income proofs to property documents and yet he was struggling to get a loan. Gladly, he did not lose hope and kept his dream alive.  His friend introduced him to HomeFirst, and we obliged. His application was reviewed on priority and his first disbursal happened in just 15 days!

We salute the ‘do-more’ spirit of Chandrashekhar, now let’s hear it from the man himself…

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Brand & Marketing Guy at Home First.