Know Everything About Estimaion of Your House Construction Cost

Know How to Estimate Your House Construction Cost?

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House Construction Cost

Who doesn’t dream of their own sweet home? A lawn in front of a grand façade, with ample space and luxuries in your own private space, but in most cases before your dream materializes into reality it hits the roadblocks which need to be dealt with pragmatically…some of the major factors like affordability, land availability, legal formalities, location, house construction cost and time till you lay the final brick in the wall needs to be estimated before you go ahead with your house construction.

An Independent house mostly costs higher than an apartment but it also draws more appreciation than a flat. The construction cost for a bungalow, villa, or row house basically is derived out of two factors; land cost and construction cost. If the land is in the city limits, the investment is bound to get higher, but if the land of construction is on the outskirts of the city or comparatively in a smaller town the investment will be considerably lesser than of the land within the city zone.

Before You Lay Those Bricks

House Construction Cost

As you take the first step towards constructing your own independent house you must consider some of the basic factors such as, what is the preferred size of the plot? What will be the per square feet area of the house?  Figure out with your family members the number of bedrooms, bathrooms, and other provisions like balconies, storerooms, etc; you may require which subjectively depends on the number of people who will be living in the house. Also consider the location based on your workplace, children’s education, and the feasible budget after calculating your various recurring expenses.

Estimate Your House Construction Cost

house construction cost

The estimation of the house construction cost will basically have two major factors to consider—–Land Cost and Construction Cost. 

Land cost is not a fixed cost it fluctuates from time to time depending upon the location and the surrounding areas, if the area is underdeveloped or out of city limits the land cost will be less. Whereas in case you are seeking land within the city limits or where the surrounding area is well developed, land cost will be considerably higher. Well, if you are lucky and you have an ancestral land with a clear title which was bought decades ago by your father or grandfather then the land cost will go down drastically, as they must have bought the land at a far lesser rate than today and since you already own land the only area of concern is estimating your construction cost—-

The construction cost depends on various factors such as the kind of raw materials going to be used during construction like wood, iron bars, cement, sand, labor, time of delivery, legal taxes, etc. Therefore it is idle to appoint an experienced architect who will help you not only design your house properly and but will also help you figure out the construction cost and the time frame in which your house construction will be completed. Personally get the land measured by a reliable resource or through local government authorities who will measure and give you the exact area of the land.   

A tentative construction cost can be estimated by segmenting material cost based on its quality i.e. Top, Medium, and Average.

Top class construction quality would involve buying top grade construction material. High-quality material will incur a construction cost of approximately Rs. 2000- 4000 per sq.ft. Consider the land cost to be around Rs. 10 lakhs. For the construction of a 2000 sq ft house, the total cost of the building @ Rs.2000 per sq. ft will be around Rs.40 lakhs to which add 20 % more towards miscellaneous and unforeseen expenses which cumulates to Rs.48 lakhs. Though taking into account the total estimate of your house construction including land cost should be approx Rs.58 lakhs. 

Respectively a medium quality material will incur a lesser construction cost of approximately Rs. 1500-1800 per sq. ft. A similar land cost of around Rs 10lakhs. For the construction of a 2000 sq ft house, the total cost of the building @ Rs.1500 per sq. ft will be around Rs.30 lakhs to which add 20 % more towards miscellaneous and unforeseen expenses which will cumulate to Rs.36 lakhs. The total estimate of your house construction including the land cost should be approximately Rs. 46 lakhs 

Average quality material will incur a cheaper construction cost of approximately Rs. 900- 1100 per sq. ft at a similar land cost of around Rs 10lakhs. For the construction of 2000 sq ft house, the total cost of the building at Rs.900 per sq. ft will be around Rs. 18 lakhs to which add 20 % more towards miscellaneous and unforeseen expenses the cumulative cost will be,  Rs.21,60,000/-. Though the total estimate of your house construction including the land cost should be approx, Rs.31,60,000/-

Know Everything About Your Plot

House Construction Cost

Once you have figured the budget for constructing your new house, the next step is to choose the right locality and its surroundings, which will suit you the best.  Consider various factors before you sign the final agreement. Check if the land title is clear or not? Is there any pending legal case on the plot? Check infrastructure development in the locality such as electricity, water supply, sewage system, rainwater harvesting, waterlogging, etc. Check accessibility of roads through your house, kind of neighborhood you will be surrounded with, amenities available nearby, soil quality of the plot, level of the plot to the road, if the level of the plot is lower than the road the construction cost will increase, as it will require extra filling materials to level up the surface, therefore always prefer a land which is at the same level as the road. It is wise to invest in a plot with lower prices where the probability of future development is high around the vicinity.

Gain Knowledge of the Complete Process

Before you take a leap ahead acquire a complete knowledge about the process of construction—

Land’s shape plays a vital role in reducing construction cost as it is easier to build it as per square foot, therefore preferably choose square or rectangular plot to build your house.

Constructing a double story structure is always a smart way to utilize your space and money compared to a single-story structure.

Gain knowledge about modern methods of construction, implementing latest technologies like prefabrication is known to be highly efficient in saving time and keeping the expense low, without compromising on quality. 

It is highly recommended that you hire an experienced and reputed contractor, who is well aware of all the construction aspects. A good contractor or architect can provide an accurate blueprint of the design and structure of your house based on your budget and plot area, lack of knowledge and experience may lead to uncalled delays or expense due to restructuring or over usage of raw materials; an architect can even provide great assistance in finding good quality raw material at a lower cost. A good contractor will always utilize the space strategically by designing a more usable area rather than wasting it over unwanted design elements, which will effectively make sure you don’t burn a hole in your pocket.

Constructing your own house is an emotional affair but at the same time it’s important to create the right balance between beautification and usable area, as getting carried away by any means may lead to over expenditure and delay in construction.  

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