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Say hi to an inspiring single mom!

“For a woman, it’s either her father’s house or her husband’s house… Where is her “own house?” – Archana Langote

Meet Archana – a proud single mother of a lovely teenage daughter and a school teacher by profession who paved her way to her own home!  

It’s almost 2019 and with each passing day, we would like to believe – India is marching towards becoming a more progressive & inclusive country. But unfortunately, at times the patriarchal society holds back the women force even though they form half the population! Well, this story is about a woman who fell prey to this system and battled her way out to rise above the stereotypes. She not only made a name for herself but also made a place for herself and her daughter.

Archana was married for almost a decade before she and her husband got separated and it was hardly a smooth transition! Suddenly, she was a single mother who had these top 3 challenges in front of her:

A) earn a living

B) raise a 10 year old

C) find a roof for themselves

She could have succumbed to the adversities that she was facing or face the beast and come back stronger! Archana did the later. She was always good with kids and she often thought – “why not make a living out of it!?”. Thus becoming a teacher was an obvious decision. In a very short span of time, she became quite good at it! Challenges A and B seemed manageable after an initial struggle but Challenge C was a daunting one!

As years passed, she kept on progressing in her career and her salary also kept on increasing. This allowed her to save a little every month and get closer to the dream of having her own home. However, despite having a sizeable income, Archana had to face multiple rejections from various financial institutions for her home loan due to her marital status. Fortunately, she did not lose hope and gave her one last try to this relatively new housing finance company in the market. Luckily enough, it was us!

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A still from our interview with Archana

We processed and sanctioned Archana’s home loan of Rs. 8,55,000 within a days time. But hey! There’s more to it. She even got a subsidy of Rs. 2 lacs (approx) under the Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana. We at Home First do not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, gender, political ideology or marital status. We tried to appreciate someone’s will to become a better parent, a better teacher, and live better!

Archana is an inspiration to many young women and we are mighty proud of ourselves that we could play a part in realizing her dream! We wish the duo a happy home and a great future ahead!

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