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Home Loans for the “happily live-ins”

The brief for our latest marketing campaign was – “let’s do something new and clutter breaking” but hey… everyone is trying to do that only! So, our endless hunt began… 

Housing Finance as an industry is not used to something out of the box or unorthodox, but we changed that quite a few years ago. This time again, we had to be bold and outspoken about a serious issue. Like any good marketer, we did our own little sniffing around and identified a problem statement:

Un-married couples who want to live together find it extremely difficult to rent a home!

Simply put, this is the issue our society has with “scandalous live-in” relationships! If you are someone who believes in the contrary read on… If you are already scandalized, close this window right now and do 101 sit-ups as “prayaschitya”.

As a team, we thought it was high time that someone solved this social problem. Two consenting adults should be able to put a roof over their head. Being unconventional is one of our core values and we took it upon ourselves to come up with a solution. Thus “Home Loans for the Happily Live-ins“.

Providing home loans is our business, but not all home loans are about two married adults with 2 smiling children. Our home loans are about fathers who have worked all their life selflessly, about sons who sacrificed their studies to support their families, daughters who have followed their dreams against all odds, and single mothers who have the courage to fight back or as in this case young couples who choose to live together!

Hope you liked our short film, we sure had a blast making it!

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