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Hope, happiness and home loan!

Off-late Bollywood is showing a clear trend… The trend to tell stories of smaller towns and real people. The rise of the small-town Indians are taking the silver screen by storm and Indian cinema is surely looking at content, now more than ever!

But eh! We are a home loan company and why are we talking about trends in Indian Cinema?

Well… some stories are worth telling and often, the simplicity of a story makes it stand out from the crowd. The story of Mrs. Harsha is one such example. A simple middle-class Indian fighting it out and winning the day to day battles of life.

Does anyone remember that old sewing machine? The black one with golden lettering with a foot paddle? Probably it is tucked away in some corner of your home, collecting dust over the years. In it’s glory days, the machine used to be in perfect shape. Mom would paddle it gently to repair the school uniform which she thought got ripped off as you fell down the stairs… but you knew what actually happened. The bully had to be taught a lesson!

Mrs. Harsha, just never let her sewing machine collect dust. She had to raise two young boys. She had to feed them, give them education and make them a “complete man”! She had to support her husband in every way she possibly could. So, she took up tailoring and never left it. It became her profession. The additional income immensely helped the family. Decent schooling, proper diet and eventually they moved into their own home (a small 1 BHK but it was their own).

The boys grew up, the man retired but her paddling the old sewing machine didn’t stop!

She thought, “Ladka shaadi layak hai, ab bada ghar chahiye”. The family was planning to construct one more floor to welcome the new members. But a ghost from the past, came back to haunt again – “Shortage of money”!

But when you have that drive to do something for your family, you don’t take “no” for an answer. She found HomeFirst and we are glad she ultimately chose us. Easy documentation and a super-fast loan process helped the family execute their home improvement plans on time. Brick by brick the new floor came up and they managed to furnish the whole apartment. They also received the Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojna subsidy on their home loan. Isn’t that sweet!

The other day when we went to meet her, she blushed a little and said: “Itni hope nahi thi utna accha makaan ban gaya hai.” And we just videotaped our conversation, you can check it out here.   

Ohh! The sewing machine got his own cozy corner in the new home. The evening sun was playing hide and seek with the shiny chrome head. He knew his job was still not finished. The mother was looking for a beautiful bride and he couldn’t wait to be ruled by those soft new feet!

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